Douglas, Willie

Years ago, when then introverted Willie Douglas wrote a controversial essay for his high school newspaper, unintentionally coming close to starting a riot and making him target of many violent threats and verbal assaults, Willie learned he had discovered an art form he could use as a voice.

Today, he aspires to publish a novel after refining his short story craft. He has been advised by an award-winning best-selling novelist and encouraged by an Editor-in-Chief of a top US magazine publication. Not writing to appease any particular audience, he writes fiction short-stories he hopes readers will find entertaining and perhaps enriching.

Literary venues: Jax Air News and a web-based short story forum.

He is the former owner of Willie Douglas Arts and Advertisement whose clients included multi-national companies that are household names. He has also worked as a Forensic Artist. Before taking a hiatus, his works were featured in many galleries around the state of Florida; his notable fine arts are amongst the collection of many private collectors. Some of Willie’s art can be viewed on Facebook at Willie Douglas Artworks.

He resides in the United States, but has formerly lived in Europe.

Story: Lotus Flower