diCiacca, Domenic

Domenic diCiacca is a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, once lived in South Porcupine, Ontario, and now lives in Missouri. He has been an illustrator most of his working life and has been writing for about six years. He is the author/illustrator of Dragon Stew, his first short story sale was to the Grantville Gazette, part of Eric Flint’s 1632 universe.

Otis and the Mage 2

Two of his short stories can be found at Mad Scientist Journal on line or in hard copy. His latest book (with co-authors DJ diCiacca and Terry Neason) is a rough and tumble sword and sorcery adventure called Bumble Keep Orphan’s Society, available on Amazon or at a Kindle near you. He is working on two books with the working titles of Storm and Time’s Angel.

His hobby is making his wife laugh.

Story: Chasing Josie’s Ghost