Dara, Sarah

Sarah Dara is a writer, freelance journalist and Creative Writing instructor based in Karachi, Pakistan. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Nottingham. Her writing and research interests include literary and realistic fiction, travel writing, South Asia, and socio-political issues, particularly gender. Sarah’s creative and non-fiction work has appeared in the Herald, Himal Southasian, Newsline Magazine, Soch Videos, Literally Stories and Galaxy Press. She loves cats, chocolate, deep conversations and all things literary. On Twitter: @Sdara94. In life: taking random photographs of things that fascinate her.

You can connect with her on Twitter on https://twitter.com/Sdara94.

Sarah’s travel articles on Europe and South Asia can be found on http://www.exploration-online.com/author/sarah-dara/.

She occasionally puts up a thought or two on http://dees-everysilverlining.blogspot.co.uk/.


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