Conrad, Lee

Lee Conrad lives in upstate New York. His time in the Navy and working for a trade union has enabled him to travel around the world. These travels not only opened his eyes to the world outside the US but exposed him to culture and politics that he would not have experienced otherwise. An avid reader from a young age, Lee has a passion for the history of people from different cultures who have had to struggle for dignity and rights that were being denied them.

Lee believes what really brings us together is sitting down at a table with local cuisine and wine and sharing experiences and stories, some from generations past.
Many of Lee’s stories are historical and strive to use short stories to bring a large event into a tighter focus to not only entertain but enlighten.

Lee Conrad


Stories: And the Rocks Came

Where the Air Tastes Like Copper

All Are Chosen






A collection of Lee’s stories can be found in an ebook on Amazon