Bell, Simon

Simon BellSimon Bell is dyslexic and struggling to comprehend life just like everyone else. He is a professional group facilitator and has been helping communities achieve sustainability for more than thirty years. He has hard won experience in devising and applying practical methods for exploring the sustainable signature of groups and communities. Simon has worked in over 40 countries, with over 100 organisations ranging from the United Nations and the European Union to small charities and NGOs. He has published over 200 items including books, graphic novels and journal papers and was until recently Professor of Innovation and Methodology at the Open University as well as Chief Executive Officer of the Bayswater Institute in London In his work for the Institute he makes use of Mindful Stories in personal coaching and group work – primarily in the Bayswater flag ship: Wisdom in Groups. Much of Simon’s current work relates to the identification and alleviation of fear in personal, group and organisational settings – a recent book: ‘The Formations of Terror’ sets out a thesis on the basis for and the management of fear.