Bean, Nyx


Nyx is Scottish, 26 and autistic. she has comorbid issues which mean she can’t work or study conventionally. She is taking online courses for creative writing and eventually wants to become well enough to work towards and MA. 

Ever since Nyx was a kid she has wanted to write. Before she hit puberty she was scribbling out whole novels–they were gibberish but she wrote them all the same. When her mental health declined she found herself unable to even read.  Naturally Nyx found that was upsetting. She is determined to show the Universe that it won’t get one over on her like that though, and has lots of plans. 

Nyx would like to show people that autistic folk can be imaginative as well. She feels that to some, the idea of an autistic person writing fiction sounds silly. Well, her monsters, ghosts, and sentient spaceships have a lot to say about that. 

Horror and science fiction are probably her main interests. These are the genres she will be sticking to the most. She was always the spooky little kid in the corner, wishing to be a vampire or a witch, to turn everybody else into a frog. Nyx feels that what you can’t do in reality, do through words!



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