The Carnassa Sea by R.C. Capasso

“It’s time to go down to the surface.”

Mayli turned her face against the cabin wall. “I’m too tired.”

Tama took a breath. “I know you are. But you’ll like the surface, and it’s an easy transport.”

Mayli swiveled her head back to reveal a pale face, too thin, too creased for such a young age. “Easy?”

Of course nothing was easy for Mayli. The encroaching paralysis brought pain with every movement. But that was the point, wasn’t it?

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The Familiar Journey by Bethan Dee

The voices of the three funny men occupy my headphones, and I rub my new, hastily bought gloves together. On a Friday afternoon, in early December, the central train station is naturally pulsating with luggage-burdened passengers. Their conversations are upbeat, their postures eager. I find it a nice change of pace; seeing faces that aren’t marred by frustrated creases. The train times are so far unaffected, and for the time being, civility reigns supreme. We’re all going home. And it is such a wonderful feeling.

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