Hagen, J

hagenJ. Hagen grew up in the Pacific Northwest, spending most of his formidable years with his nose in a book. His monkish manner resulted in multiple college degrees; none of which led to a career. Instead, he left the Ivory Tower of academia to strike e-commerce gold. Over time, he experienced as much failure as success amidst risk-riddled cyberspace adventures. Scared straight by a stint in Federal prison, he took a hard look at himself and started writing. With this, he discovered a safe outlet for his bookish and enterprising nature. And a tool for rattling cages. Using well researched characters and plots, he forces readers to confront ideas and images that most would rather ignore. His tales are often dark. Rarely uplifting. Always unforgettable.

Hagen now lives in Vancouver, Washington, with his girlfriend (a wonderful cook and editor). When not writing or working, he enjoys simple pleasures – long walks, good food, deep conversations and time spent with family. He knows that in life, there’s very little one can take for granted.


God on the Gallows – Coming soon