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Half by Doug Hawley

One day in March, I felt an excruciating abdominal pain, so painful that I fell to the floor.  Because my wife Sally was out shopping and I was immobilized, there was nothing I could do.  Within five minutes, the pain left, and I felt as if nothing had happened.  I decided not to tell Sally,… Continue reading Half by Doug Hawley

Literally Reruns, Short Fiction

Literally Reruns – Trigger by Doug Hawley

Leila has been spending so much time down in the dungeons of LS Towers we are worried that she might be sleeping down there. Not to worry, we’ll make sure she has plenty to eat and drink. This week she has nominated a piece by an old friend of the site – this is what… Continue reading Literally Reruns – Trigger by Doug Hawley

All Stories, Crime/Mystery/Thriller

 Bike Killer by Doug Hawley

I don’t drive.  Everywhere I need to go I can walk, bus or taxi.  I take a bus to my job at Hadleys Department Store in the Consumer Help Department.  You should know that I am a highly valued employee based on my ability to resolve customer problems while still maintaining company policy.  Trying to… Continue reading  Bike Killer by Doug Hawley

All Stories, Science Fiction

Living La Vida Extraterrestrial by Douglas Hawley

I was chosen to write the history of the survivors of the destruction of earth that happened hundreds of years ago.  First, a few of us escaped by rocket to the planet of the Azari people for what seemed like three earth years based on the amount that we aged, but we may have been… Continue reading Living La Vida Extraterrestrial by Douglas Hawley

All Stories, General Fiction

Vigilant by Doug Hawley

At first it was thought to be an isolated case.  A loud, self-important person said that his cell phone had overheated and mildly burned his ear while he was talking about his proctology exam on a crowded bus.  When several others related incidents while talking loudly about work, grocery lists and fights with spouses or… Continue reading Vigilant by Doug Hawley

All Stories, Crime/Mystery/Thriller

Trigger by Doug Hawley

I’m out target shooting in the country when I hear the gravel crunch and somebody yells “Hey asshole, what are you doing?”  Without thinking, I turn and shoot him.  Well, shit, nobody should sneak up on somebody and scare him like that.  Before, I can check him out; somebody comes running up with a handgun… Continue reading Trigger by Doug Hawley