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Iced Coffee by Adam Kluger

“Turn that off!”

The dog nudged his elbow for a little attention

“You don’t like NY1?”

“Of course I do, but we are still in pre-game mode”

“Oh yeah?”  she replied playfully.

“Lulu, stop bumping my elbow!”

The black lab obediently stretched out on the floor.

“You bet we are, baby doll. Take a hit of this.”


“Apple Fritters.”

“Love that strain…no wonder you look so happy to see me.”

“I’ll see your head down in that pillow shortly if you don’t watch out.”

“mmmm,” she purred.

“Or perhaps you would prefer to keep watching Weather on the 1’s,” he joked.

“Ok, Mr. Director.”

“That’s right, baby missed curfew again and I don’t like it.”

“Oh, daddy are you going to spank me?”

“Do you want me to spank you?”

“Oh yes, please daddy “

“I don’t know maybe we should watch the news instead…let me have another hit of that.”

“no daddy I’ll turn off the news right now.”

“good girl…damn, this iced coffee is tasty!”

“Daddy, you ever have a morning where you wake up feeling reborn, fresh, relaxed, and ready to take on the world and whatever it may throw at you?”

 “Sure,” he replied after taking another pull off the joint.

 “This morning, I  slipped on my black thong,  my white Victoria Secret shorts, the white, long-sleeve cotton see-through blouse you always instruct me to wear in public, and my black Mary Jane’s and your favorite lipstick.”

“Mmm…I approve, baby doll…no bra?”

 “No sir.”

 “Very good little girl.”

“I pulled back my long blonde hair, Daddy, grabbed the dog leash, and we were off for our morning walk. We strolled into our first stop, Paris Baquette to grab a chocolate croissant.  Even though I  know that it wasn’t the healthiest choice of the day, Daddy, I could no longer resist the temptation.”

 “So naughty, you are definitely about to get a spanking”

“Thank you, Daddy,  It is a perfect mate for my cup of Joe.  My next stop was Dunking Donuts.  For some reason, the staff is always so happy to see me and always make it a point to ask how Lulu is. This morning, Lulu got lucky. The store manager even came out and gave her a loving scratch on her neck.  She loved it.  The manager already knew to ask,  “Medium hot black coffee?”  To which I replied,” Yes, please.”

“Good girl, we always say please and thank you, don’t we?”

“Yes, Daddy!”

“But the morning needed something else. I  needed a large iced coffee with cream, no sugar, for my Daddy who slept over the night before. I ordered it with no ice so that I could get double the amount. More for My Daddy. I thought myself quite clever for discovering this little trick.”

“Good girl!” At first, he had tuned out to her story for the entire first minute as he admired her soft, pale skin, fire-engine red lipstick, and long blonde hair.

“Thanks, Daddy, I pride myself on things like this.  As the counter person began to prepare the order, I watched in horror as he filled nearly a third of Daddy’s glass with cream. This repulsed me. I am, after all, a black coffee drinker.   Straight up.  No fuss. No muss.  I gently asked that he pour out some of the cream and add more coffee, which he gladly did with a smile. But in the end, it still looked super light.  Too light.  No, that wasn’t going to work.  I  kindly asked again if he could start over and this time, to avoid cream overload, to do it black, no ice. I  remembered that I have some milk in my house that I could use.”

He looked at girls twerking on TikTok on his phone as the story continued. The strong weed had him ready to move the conversation to the bedroom.  Her  Dunkin friend gave her what she wanted and seemed to completely understand what she needed.  No muss. No fuss. Off to her home, she went.

She announced her arrival when she walked through the door, removed Lulu’s leash, and proceeded to the kitchen to prepare the iced coffee.  She broke out a large recycled glass jar, filled it copiously with ice, and grabbed the milk from the fridge.  She gave it a smell, of course, just to make sure it was fresh. It seemed fine. But when she poured it into the jar, she could see small particles of milk floating at the bottom.  It was spoiled.   What the fudge!   She just couldn’t get that damn ice coffee to work.  All she really wanted to do at that moment, was sit down with the morning paper and have her coffee and croissant. She could almost taste it. But she would not be defeated.  How could she indulge in her morning goodies, without having something for her Daddy? She thought quickly, so her coffee wouldn’t get cold, and decided that the only thing to do was to go back down to Dunking to get some cream. A bit ironic.  Make up your mind, cream or not.  But this did not deter her.  They would understand.  They liked her. So off she went.  The young man with the long dreadlocks looked surprised upon her return, but he smiled and made her the perfect iced coffee as per her specifications. Baby Doll finally got what she wanted.  She joyfully rushed back home, filled the jar again with ice, poured the now perfectly blended ice coffee over it, and brought it to her man.  He loved it, and so did she. After all, he even declared “Damn this iced coffee is tasty.” Baby Doll beamed with pride.

“Daddy” watched the TikTok girls twerking as she went on and on…and as she talked about the cream and the milk, he thought about the persistence and indefatigable spirit of this woman. And the love.

He was going to fuck her well, and she, him.

And later they would cuddle and laugh and look out the window at the moonlit avenue and then she would fall asleep in his arms and they would feel as one.

And she would snore lightly and talk to herself in her sleep while he looked up at the ceiling fan and the candlelight dancing on the window sill, with her head on his shoulder.

And he thought of iced coffee.

Adam Kluger


3 thoughts on “Iced Coffee by Adam Kluger”

  1. Hi Adam,
    What I love about this is that you can take it light or you can think on it as very dark.
    You are an absolute master in making the reader think on the back story and the real intentions of your characters. This never comes across as lazy, just skilled and interesting.
    Your talent in writing this way is unsurpassed. Many have tried and most have failed.
    Hope all is well with you and yours my fine friend.


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