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Literally Reruns – The Story of My Home Town Saugus, Massachusetts by Tom Sheehan

Leila has brought out a piece by our most published author and he needs no introductions to regular visitors to the site:

Although this piece is more a biographical recollection than a story, it is rerun-worthy (behold a new compound adjective that I plan on submitting to the OED) because it is goddam well written and contains genuine emotions and lovely descriptions.

Whether it be one of those on the head of a pin micro flashes or a thousand page opus, the fine art of careful description is getting more and more pushed aside for increased action. I agree that a piece has to move, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of allowing a story teller the time to paint a verbal picture.

Tom Sheehan excels at painting verbal pictures. Let us hope he isn’t one of a dying breed.

Only one question, but if it were a trout it would weigh a good  twenty pounds.

Q: As the Romans make it Rome, it must be that the people of Saugus (Saugussians?) make it uniquely Saugus. Yet if such was a hundred percent true then everywhere would be the same. So, this creates for me a version of the old nature or nurture question: Do you believe that the climate and all the other natural elements native to a specific area have as much to do with the development of a town’s personality as does the economy, ruling ethnicity or the dominant local religion? Even now to this very day?

Leila Allison


Tom’s response:

Saugus is a ball of wax, molded by character, choice and chance,, its characters, early or late arrivals, from elsewhere or bred here, are like the one in today’s Bostin Globe Magazine section of Ideas, “The Great God Shove in Charlestown,” where I was born and began to read early and. create grand adventures that carry me along on this day.

Thank Leila for me. I am excited to see this piece again for readers as I am for readers to see the new piece in the Boston Globe newspaper today.


The Story of My Home Town Saugus, Massachusetts

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