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Appropriate By Steve DuBois

The poster bore an image of a tiny kitten dangling from a clothesline, hind legs kicking desperately against the abyss.  HANG IN THERE, the caption read.  Horatio Salazar, Westside High School Appropriations Officer, had hung the poster in an attempt to reassure the students who were summoned to his office.  Occasionally, it even worked.  Xinyu loved that poster, Salazar thought, back when she was Consuela.  Back before her third strike.  A sweet girl.  But she should have known that piñatas originated in China, and that they only became “Spanish” through cultural appropriation.

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Soup by Hugh Cron – Adult Content. Strong Language.

“What about you Dave, what’s the worst thing you’ve done?”

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Week 265 – Alternative Spelling, Pretending Your Name Is Keith And Two Sex Faces You Don’t Want To Visualise.

Well here we are at Week 265.

I looked back to see if there was anything interesting historically that had happened.

I saw that the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor died in 2011.

Ronnie Raygun also initiated ‘The Star Wars’ program.

And the first use of the abbreviation OK was used in America.

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This Woman in The Mirror by Wayne Yetman

They were still breathing in small gasps. Sandra rolled over and squeezed his arm, perhaps a little more firmly than would normally be necessary.

“I go running in the morning at 4:30.” she said, “You might like to take off then.”

Her young acquaintance, eyes fixed on the ceiling, sighed.

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Blueberry Fields Forever by Anuradha Prasad

There were some things that Aliyah learned to live with, Neha’s death was one of them. She hadn’t shared it – the dying – with anyone else. She led everyone to believe that her death had been instant and painless. Especially the parents. Some consolation in the tragedy.

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Scenes From An Ayrshire Chip Shop by Hugh Cron – Adult Content

Here son, Haggis Supper.


“I want a kebab.”

Well fuck off to the kebab shop, I’ve told you, we only do suppers.

“Some fucking shop this is.”

Do you want anything else?

“Give me a packet of Gypsy Creams.”

I’ve ran out.

“Fuck this I’m going for a Chinky!”

Well off you fuck!

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The Bannion Interlude by Tom Sheehan

The Bannions, from every direction and for as many reasons, pushed things their way, until all targets or causes fit the one corridor of family wishes. The power and might of their numbers, of their attitudes and abilities, made them a most pernicious band of unity tight as closed fists already past the knock-out punch and on for the kill, no matter the added punishment often unneeded.

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