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Literally Reruns – Simple Pleasures by Fred Vogel

Leila Allison has picked out a spooky tale this time for re-incarnation. She has suggested Simple Pleasures and this is what she said:

I didn’t need to travel far into the LS jungle to find something that made me want to take a shower after I had a look at it. The unapologetic creepiness of Fred Vogel’s Simple Pleasures so starkly stood out that I just had to coax it into a cage (lured in by a promise of a “Judy Jailbait” doll) and bring it to the civilized Sunday audience for its amusement.

Strange as Hell told in a casual, yet clear and clean style works as long as there is a humorous absurdity at its core. Mr. Vogel has satisfied the condition. For whatever reason I cannot look at Simple Pleasures directly and hold it in my field of vision. It’s a shapeshifter; and all the little pieces are always in motion, which is remarkable when you consider the relatively short length of the piece.

Bookies and ears and plastic friends and flesh dolls and horseshoes for good luck come and go in this weird and twisted existence we must endure. The only thing we can do is tell of them in an interesting and entertaining manner, which Vogel most certainly does. Have a look, won’t you? The cage and the Judy Jailbait doll are due back at the jungle supplies/pervert rental store. So I must leave you alone with Simple Pleasures. Let it run amok, for that is what it does best.

Leila Allison


Simple Pleasures

6 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Simple Pleasures by Fred Vogel”

  1. A bit amused by your critique, Leila. It’s a simple story about a simple girl, hanging out with the wrong guy. No evil, no perversion, not even a required shower. “Simple Pleasures, Simple Dreams” by John David Souther is what I had in mind while writing the story.
    I do appreciate your being the story back to life and, as always, appreciate your thoughts. Now go have yourself some Strawberry ice cream.

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  2. Dear God, Mr. Vogel has batted his eyes innocently and has informed me that the wonderfully dark Simple Pleasures is as wholesome as Clark Kent’s tidy-whities. I dunno about that…the story seemed awfully eager to get after the Judy Jailbait doll…

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    1. Considering I was one who created the story, I should know better than anyone its meanings. This ‘Judy Jailbait’ doll you’re obsessed with is based on a Patty Play Pal doll my wife grew up with. Had you no favorite doll from your childhood? No evil intentions, no perversity, just a simple story. That should not be that difficult to understand. However, I do appreciate your attempt to read more into the story than was intended.


      1. Thank you for your sharp assessment of Yours Truly. Since you display keen wit, may I suggest that you apply it to a selection for the Sunday Rerun? I am certain that you will arrive at the soul of a piece much more quickly than I.

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