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Literally Reruns – The Time My Dad Chewed out a Cop by James Hanna

This Sunday Lelia Allison has chosen a story by a regular contributor and friend of the site – James Hanna and well and his Dad I guess – this is what she said:

The world is infested with loud and annoying people. Still, I believe that 90% of people are all right (or at least they’re only sometimes loud and annoying). Yet what should be an overwhelming majority is somehow overshadowed by the bleatings and overall bossiness of the minority. Sadly, superior numbers don’t always dictate the course of the whole; after all only the tiniest portion of what’s in cocaine and a nuclear weapon cause them to go boom; the rest is mostly fill. And the same holds true when it comes to describing the human condition. Very few of us have lines to speak on Life’s Stage, mostly we just stand there and blend with the scenery, and pray to the gods we really don’t believe in that we do not attract the attention of the loudmouths.

The majority, however, will never wholly succumb to the will of the minority. You see, about ten-percent of the greater body has a sense of humor while there isn’t a trace of such to be found in the pushier portion of human society. For an example, James Hanna displays high wit and humor in The Time My Dad Chewed Out a Cop. His father and son tag team have no qualms when it comes to improvising on Life’s Stage, nor do they fear the wrath of the indignant screamers. I recall thinking “the meatball never falls far from the sauce” when I first read it. A reader owes a writer a debt of gratitude for causing that sort of image to come to mind. Forget about falling into Twitter for awhile and take a look at Mr Hanna’s story and see what it does for you.

Leila Allison


The Time My Dad Chewed Out a Cop

5 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – The Time My Dad Chewed out a Cop by James Hanna”

  1. Hi Lelia,
    Thanks for the kudos and the comment. I never thought of the story as the assertion of an independent spirit, but I guess I’ve had one ever since I was a seventeen-year-kid at military school. I never quite mastered my marching orders.
    Jim Hanna

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for the story. I salute your characters with a raise of my Moxie and Jack Daniel’s .(No ice for me, please. Somebody told me that Brits don’t put ice in their drinks, either. No idea if that’s true, but I guess I will soon find out.)🍸


  2. Hi Leila,
    Another superb introduction for a cracking story!
    I never put ice in my drink but I do think I am in the minority.
    I had to look up Moxie as I have never seen it over here. I wonder how it would be with Bacardi??
    (Bacardi and coke was my first love. Gwen gets pissed off when I sing that to every bottle as I open it.)
    Thanks as always Leila!!


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