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Literally Reruns – The Time My Dad Chewed out a Cop by James Hanna

This Sunday Lelia Allison has chosen a story by a regular contributor and friend of the site – James Hanna and well and his Dad I guess – this is what she said:

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Week 216 – Pub Discussions, Headlines And Funny Tasting Orange Juice.

Here we are at Week 216.

The weeks are fair flying by. This time tomorrow it will be a fortnight on Monday!

I looked for something interesting about the number 216 and I found that it was a Harsad Number. I checked that out and wish I hadn’t, don’t look folks, it really isn’t worth it!

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The Making of a Love Letter by Richelle Co

Natalie’s legs are splayed on the floor, flexing up and down as she rubs a crayon against a sheet of pad paper. Most of her crayons are snapped into countless pieces, grimy from rolling across the floor. But not this one. It’s the prized pink crayon reserved only for princess’ dresses and decorative hearts, and today she is working on a heart that is too difficult to fill. Still, she does not flinch as she grips the crayon, diminishing it layer by layer onto the paper.

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Satsuma by Rachel Davies

Mother is sitting on her sofa peeling a satsuma or clementine, or some other small, orange citrus fruit. She has removed the skin in small, finger nail-sized pieces, and is now carefully removing quivering strands of pith, and placing them with precision next to the teetering pile of skin on the arm of the sofa. I will be clearing them off later.

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Always Worth That  by Adam Kluger 

Unknown assailant shoots owner inside Bronx Bodega 

Girl killed by alligator in Florida 

Gaga reigns supreme on Golden Globes Red Carpet 

Man releases giant rat inside a NJ McDonald’s 

Winter storm warning for most of Northeast. 2 feet of snow predicted for NYC. 

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