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Literally Reruns – November Moon by Sharon Frame Gay

The wonderful Leila Allison is keeping us well supplied with Rerun suggestions and they are all superb choices. Thank you so much Leila. This is what she had to say about November Moon:

According to her CV, Sharon Frame Gay lives in the same part of the world as I do, the ever-dangerous and moody Pacific Northwest. Northwesterners are relatively productive and cheerful, but even we natives notice in those not born here the rise of a tendency to gaze into the Moon. Sooner or later, a Northwesterner will take his or her dog out on the porch, and both will gaze into the Moon (sadly, this is one activity that cats have no use for). Perhaps we are seeking omens, or, maybe we’re just looking for a little comforting advice from Luna herself. Who knows. We just sit and gaze in silence. Occasionally, one of the dogs, possibly embarrassed by all the silence, will make to bay at the Moon because he or she thinks that is the sort of thing that a self respecting dog should do. But mostly, we gaze in silence.

Although November Moon takes place in the mind of a doomed and homesick and deeply in love Confederate soldier, there’s a timeless, poetic quietude to the piece that makes it awfully pretty, even fragile; yet it is durable and well withstands further scrutiny. It seems unjust that the quiet melancholy of this November Moon is in danger of being drowned out by loud neighbors and light pollution.To combat this I recommend that you take the device you are reading this on and your favorite small mammal out to the porch and gaze into Sharon Gay Frame’s November Moon.

Leila Allison


November Moon 

4 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – November Moon by Sharon Frame Gay”

  1. Leila and Literally Stories: Many thanks for the re-run of November Moon!! Leila, your words touched my heart. I am so grateful that such an accomplished author as yourself shuffled “November Moon” out of 2017 and brought it here today. Right now in the Seattle area, the moon has been hidden by snowfall. But it waits until the next clear, quiet evening when we gaze at it once again!

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