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Week 204 – Christmas Pondering, Tattie Soup And Acceptable Leakage.

I’m getting this out the road this week and I’ll try and be nice next week!

I’ve avoided it for a while but the ‘C’ word is coming and not the ‘C’ word that I am comfortable with.

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The Night of the Haunted by Michael McCarthy

It´s a balmy evening, there´s a couple leaning out of a dimly lit window at the side of a house overlooking an alley. They´re both naked and their heads are wreathed in smoke from their cigarettes, its effect heightened by the intermittent blinking of a faulty street light. You can´t even see the moon or stars.

Let´s call her Kate and him Daniel.

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Talk from the Back of Tim’s Barn by Tom Sheehan

These were more than echoes, the soft sounds I was hearing from the rear of the barn sitting back from Route 182 in Franklin, Maine, half a dozen fat pigs to one side, corn as deep as Iowa on the other side, and the terrain across the road flush with blueberry bushes until a slow rise tipped the landscape in its favor… and in mine. In my son Tim’s favor, too. He lives by this barn. Perhaps I had lived waiting for its sassy voices.

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The Nail in the Coffin by Maédeiva Myre

I hear everything: the soft cry of my mother, the beep of the heart monitor, the whispers of the nurses, and the subtle hum of the air conditioner. I feel the rough texture of my hospital gown against my skin, the cold hand of the doctor every morning when he visits, and the warm hand of my mother every time she touches my cheek. I am awake. Wide awake.

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Sheltered by Jamie Sheffield

“… bled all over the counter, staining my hands and the floor before I could get it cleaned up,” finished the lanky, slightly dirty, anemic-looking kid ringing me out, unaware, or perhaps undaunted, by the fact that I hadn’t been listening to him.

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Glam Rock, Docken Leaves And Some Other Barry White.

Here we are at week 203. That number seemed so boring that I didn’t even look it up!

I’ve been thinking about animals this week. And no, not in that way! I may be a bit strange but I’m not fucking deranged!

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