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Literally Reruns -The Perfect Personification of Religion by Hugh Cron

The unerring radar of Leila Allison has rooted out this strong and moving piece from our very own Hugh.  This is what she said:

Some writers see, others hear, and there are some who do neither but keep talking anyhow. I believe that Mr. Cron is one of the writers who hears, for his material is almost always presented in the form of conversation, for which he has an unerring ear. One should think that the scowling gentleman seated across from you on the bus is drawing nearer to a boil because he cannot prevent himself from hearing and remembering all the stupid things you say.

The Perfect Personification of Religion is presented as a dialog between two priests, who, if not opposite, hold, perhaps, different points of view, caused by personal beliefs and experience and an age difference. This technique, as old as Plato, remains an effective device as to present a difficult subject objectively.

God is protected by the idea that you are not smart enough to know what He is thinking. He is known to get pretty snotty about it on occasion: “I am what I am…Where were you when…” and so forth. But one doesn’t need to know the mind of God to understand that human fineness arises in our most futile moments. I give nothing away on this account. Have a look at the piece; I think you will see what I mean.

Leila Allison


The Perfect Personification of Religion 

3 thoughts on “Literally Reruns -The Perfect Personification of Religion by Hugh Cron”

    1. Thanks Dave,
      I think out of my darkness, this is the most positive thing that I have ever written!
      Glad you enjoyed it second time round.

      All the very best my friend.

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