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Week 167 – Large Dongs, Wee Allegations And Big Black Choppers.

Here we go again folks, Week 167 is thrust upon us.

‘Thrust’ was my inspiration.

Over the last fortnight there has been a common theme between Scotland and America. (This is grasping at straws and not the straws that choke whales, these ones are anorexic and used as sex toys for thread worms straws.)

Weird that! I’ve mentioned thread worms in my last two posts. There is no attraction, honestly, it’s just went that way.

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The Talk by Frederick K Foote

Eight a.m. in San Juan, California and it’s already eighty-two degrees on this June morning. I’m in running shorts and a tee-shirt as I step out my front door to pick up the paper.

The black and white patrol car prowls my street like a predator looking for its next meal. The mechanical beast creeps toward my house, signals a right turn, pulls into my driveway.

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The Box by L’Erin Ogle

The Box arrives on his fiftieth birthday.

It is sitting on the desk in his office, wrapped in shiny black paper, adorned with a scarlet bow.  It is square, the kind of box that might contain a paperweight, or a large book, or a box of chocolates.

Really, it could be anything.

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  The Hiring of May Witherspoon by Tom Chambless

May liked to set out bits of meat for the big birds. It was one of her few pleasures. She would dice up some cheap round steak and set it out in cubes along the porch rail. The part she loved, the thing about the ravens she adored was, they left her presents. She left them food and they left her a fake pearl, a thimble, little shiny things.

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Week 166 – PC – Nonsense, Bollocks And Pish – Warning Strong Language

This isn’t a great start when I state, please don’t take offence at what I’m going to say!

I’ve never really ripped into PC although I believe that most of it is nonsense. PC is too close to censorship for my liking and I do believe that if anyone corrects you from saying any well known phrase that’s gender specific into something like ‘Police-Person’, they should have to call the Police-Person and Ambulance People for assistance.

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The Distress of Newly Made Ghosts by Karl Miller

I’m on my third slow loop through a nearly-empty parking lot, passing by darkened stores as the last workers depart on a Sunday night.  The land on which the mall sits was once part of the Everglades – I helped survey it as a summer job years ago.  I’d wade into the forest with a machete and mark the trees developers would be saving – the slash pines were going, but the live oaks would stay to be stranded in asphalt.

Three days ago, Tristan, my cousin’s boyfriend, was waiting at a stop sign on his motorcycle when an inattentive driver plowed into him.  If I delay my arrival any longer, I’d miss his viewing completely, so I finally drive across the street to the funeral home.

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Liv Oh by Frederick K Foote

My sister, the wooly haired, laugh a lot, chatterbox, Liv Oh, at age nine or so, saw Digg, the goat bodied, eagle-headed desert God fucking his sister, Uwe, the gazelle bodied, fish-headed Goddess. Liv Oh witnessed the Holy Union in the high desert under bright spring skies and giggled, covered her mouth, too late.

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