Week 144

Man’s inhumanity to man 
Makes countless thousands mourn!


The world is not a happy place. I don’t think it has ever been.

I grew up in Britain in the seventies and whenever you heard of an explosion, you never thought there was a problem with a gas main, you always thought that it had to do with the troubles in Ireland.

Nowadays we hear an explosion and nothing crosses our mind except thoughts of a terror attack. Sadly we have come to expect it.

However, we have become complacent and forgotten about the other deviants. Far too frequently they remind us that they are always there and that they want to break records.

At the time of writing I am hearing that fifty nine people so far have lost their lives in Las Vegas and over five hundred are injured.

Sometimes we need to be brutal and state that we don’t care about reasons, we can only hope that the freak who did this rots in hell.

I have said many times that I have been looking for a monster to write about. I don’t need to imagine a beast with many teeth when we have bastards with many bullets.

Our thoughts are with everyone involved.


I have on occasions been accused of writing things to shock. I don’t. I also don’t drink to get drunk, that’s just a happy off-shoot!

When you dip your toe into some of the darker subject matters, you are only exploring thoughts and trying to make sense of the fact that these things happen.

If some tweedy, beige person thinks you agree or are condoning these actions they are a narrow-minded twat. But to be truthful, I would just wind them up anyway. If you can argue with passion about something you don’t agree with it can be superbly funny in seeing who bites. (Just get ready to duck!)

For example, Blow-Up-Children for paedophiles is a doozy of a discussion with parents – If your open minded friends state that they would be alright by this, ask them if they would let their child model?

We can hide our fears even more within our written words. I find it a lot easier to write about things that repel and scare the shit out of me than subjects that make me happy. I suppose there is a logic to that. I know what scares me but can’t always accept or even work out what makes me happy.

I do think that no matter what our preferred genre of reading is there is one common type that probably resonates with most. And that is revenge or comeuppance.

Whether it be Dracula getting staked, revolting villagers, a wife stabbing her abusive husband through the scrotum or Maggie Thatcher running out of coal, we would all cheer. (She’ll never be cold now, the brimstone will be keeping her warm.)

No matter who you are, we are all suckers for the tale of ‘The Count Of Monte Cristo.’ He fucked up all the cads that did him wrong. OK you could argue that the moral of that was also about him losing himself but he dished out his vengeance and ended up with loads of dosh! So fair play to Big Mad Mental Edmond!!

The point to all of this is we have a need for revenge and we don’t have many opportunities to get it in real life. Literature is where we can find this. And writing is where we can live it.


OK folks onto this weeks stories. We had two new writers and three accomplished authors.

Our topics include a continuation in more ways than one, a breakdown, a family breakup, a morphing and a last letter.

As always our initial comments follow.


First up on Monday was the enigma that is Leila Allison. This story was a follow on from ‘A New Book of Numbers part 1’.

A New Book of Numbers part 2‘ began the week.

‘I just love the way that all of this is tying together.’

‘I know that I have said this many times but the clarity of the world and characters Leila has created is quite brilliant.’

‘This is enthralling and really should be a novel.’


Tuesday was next and we had another well established writer submit his work. Larry Lefkowitz’s story ‘The King Of A Thousand Voices‘ was our next offering.

‘The last line caught me!’

‘Short, sharp and strangely disturbing.’

‘A very interesting story that is superbly constructed.’


Our first new writer was published on Wednesday. Tim Gurtzmacher had his first story, ‘Water Buffalo For One‘ showcased.

We warmly welcome him and hope he has fun on the site.

‘I loved the tangents.’

‘Amusing and different.’

‘The poignancy was leavened by the thought that the old guy was ready to pop off.’


Coney Island‘ was our story on Thursday. The multi-talented and recently birthdayed Adam Kluger has been a very active member on our site for a long time now. Happy belated birthday Adam, the site is enhanced by your continual involvement.

‘The story was full of melancholy and reality.’

‘Not naming the child made him the universal kid of the split.’

‘A true account of a dead relationship.’


Our second new author was last up. The same welcome applies. We also hope that both our new authors will continue to send us their work.

Kevin McGowan finished off the week with ‘The Entomologist.’

‘Well written and very good weird!’

‘A change to the POV can be unconvincing but this all worked beautifully.’

‘Sad and despondent and it had me hooked.’


That’s us for another week guys. I wish we could be assured that next week won’t be so harrowing.

All I can think to do is go and watch Richard Chamberlain being ever so manly in ‘The Count Of Monte Cristo’ (He would never have been able to defeat Tony Curtis in real life!! And I bet he never found Jamie attractive.)




Quote: Man Was Made To Mourn by Rabbie Burns.

4 thoughts on “Week 144

  1. Isolation within numbers plays a key role in mass murders. Another chilling thing about these acts is all the cold planning that goes into them. I want these bastards to be homicidal maniacs disassociate from reality, as a means of rationalization But that isn’t so. The worst monsters are sane.


    • Thanks for that Dave, I can’t tell you how much that means to me.
      I do find these posts difficult at times, especially when I am mentioning real events.
      My tendency for being childish and crude can be difficult when doing so isn’t always appropriate. All I try, is to get some sort of balance.
      Thanks again!!


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