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Sam by Hugh Cron – Adult Content


He wanted the whisky on his breath. The cigar that he had just smoked lingered, he was happy about that. It would remember both those details.

He considered sexuality. He considered power. He didn’t give a fuck about either. It wasn’t as simple as that.

The kid had been grabbed and he knew where he was taking it. Yesterday he had wondered if it would be a boy or a girl, but it didn’t really matter. To be a monster he would act as monsters do.

The child was simply unlucky. It was where it could be got at with no-one to interfere. He’d bundled it into his van and was disgusted as it pissed and shit. He considered how those others must have been total freaks. He wasn’t. He knew what he was but he found the bodily fluids distasteful.

As he drove he thought about his cravings, or was it wants? Or even needs? He didn’t know. If it was only about a release he could masturbate. But no. That was not enough.

He drove to the building. It was due to be demolished the following Thursday, he wondered how he knew this.

The kid was catatonic. There was no fight, no sobbing, no pleading for its parents. It had completely given up…

“No fight!”

That answers that fucking question!

He threw the child over his shoulder and was quite amazed at how light it was. He realised why it was easy to do this. He carried it up the stairway until he came out on the roof. He stripped the kid and looked at its nakedness but again that meant nothing to him. He looked in the child’s eyes and saw nothing. He wasn’t a God. He wasn’t wanted. Hate wasn’t there. Nothing. But it didn’t matter. The urge was beckoning. It teased and it wanted. He knew that he had to feed it.

He thought back to those times. The hunger that he felt and how nothing would satisfy. He had run, he had drunk, he’d taken drugs. But the longing and the want was always there.

Tonight, for the first time he had acted on it. He felt weak but as he looked down onto the naked child he was empowered. He had control of his life. He had control of his urges for the first time. All he had to do was act. If he did, then…What? He didn’t know. He wondered if he would feel elated or disgusted. Would this be the first of many? He didn’t know. He touched the kid’s hair and his fingers tingled. He savoured the moment and began to cry. Thoughts came back to him of his own childhood and he smiled. He had loved his parents and they had loved him. He missed them. He leaned forward and looked into the dead eyes. His tears dripped onto the kid’s chest. He noticed the glisten as the light caught their union. He thought it was quite beautiful. He kissed the kid on the forehead and said, “Everything is all right now. You never need to be afraid again!”

Sam took off his jacket and covered the child. He walked over to the edge of the roof and jumped.


Hugh Cron

11 thoughts on “Sam by Hugh Cron – Adult Content”

  1. Okay. I write fiction. I know the author is not necessarily the voice of the story. But as a father of children, I find your story appalling. Sure, shock value works, but I would rather not see this this in print, and I fail to see how this adds to the experience that constitutes human existence.


    1. Hi Paul, an honest thanks from me for your views.
      I normally comment on the stories and answer any feedback at the weekend but due to the strength of feeling from you I thought that I would give you an immediate reply. I never intend to write anything for shock value. All my stories are thought out and there is a reason to them. This is a look into a major problem our society has, one that must be addressed. Paedophilia is a sexuality. This is dangerous and deadly to our children. Only by accepting this fact and having no doubts that this cannot be cured, then and only then may our kids be safe.
      The MC in the story knew and accepted this and that was why he did what he did.
      I apologise that the story has upset you but I can’t apologise for the message.
      With respect.

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      1. I see your point. Thank you for your reply. A well written story affects the reader…


  2. A tough subject. You never shy away from the tougher subjects! Very emotional and very dark. I felt strongly for the child and was relieved by the ending. Really strong writing to conjure up so strong feelings in such few words!
    ATVB my friend


    1. Thanks Tobias, yep the kid was safe as such but the sad thing is, there is the aftermath of what happened to them to be dealt with.
      Your help and support is always appreciated!
      All the very best my friend.


  3. I can’t agree with Paul on this, Hugh. This sort of thing happens every day. Human beings are both victims and perpetrators. No-one understands it, despite claims to the contrary, but we have to deal with it because it’s real. You haven’t romanticised these events. You have been as honest as always. All the best. Vic.


    1. Thanks Vic, I try the best I can to talk about some of the subjects that are only whispered. As much as I can, I put as realistic a slant on them as possible. We don’t ever want to see the dark side of life but we still need to know that it is there!
      To say I am honest, is as big a compliment as you can give!
      All the very best my friend.

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    1. Hi June, thank you so much. The truth in the story is what gives us nightmares. There are some brilliant horror writers out there but the world we live in is a damn sight more scary!
      Thanks as always!


  4. A very tough subject faced and handled in your usual down to earth and honest way – did I enjoy it – hmm – I was impressed by it and by the desire behind it that I think you have, to make us think about the dirty and dangerous side of life and I suppose at the end of the day that is even more important than mere enjoyment – let’s face it we can enjoy a box of biscuits but it won’t make us think.


  5. Thanks Diane for your balanced thoughts. Two of the most powerful films I have seen are ‘Hard Candy’ and ‘Nil By Mouth’ but I totally get what you are saying as even though I am so glad I have watched them, I don’t think I will watch them again! Some subject matter has to be read or seen, maybe only once to remind us that it is still an issue.
    Thanks as always for your help and support.


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