Rounds by Hugh Cron Adult Content


“Get your head down and try and sleep.”

“Have you ever murdered anyone?”


“Then you’ll not be able to appreciate how difficult it is to ‘Get your head down’.

He left the room and shut the door nodding as he walked along the corridor.

“Fair point!”

He wondered if he should be chilled at this revelation but decided against it. He knew where he was and who he worked with so nothing should have come as a surprise. This in turn then posed the question; ‘Should I be able to work with this type of person and do I enjoy doing so?’

He thought for a few minutes as he walked along.

I can work with them, so I must be contributing something. Maybe this is as simple as the old adage that ‘Someone has got to do it!’

The word ‘Enjoyment’ floated around his head for no particular reason other than it was something to think about.


The revelation was stern.

I hate working so I wouldn’t enjoy doing anything. So what does it matter who I work with?

Some sort of relief came with this thought. He sniffed the air as he chapped and opened the next door. Blood was running from the girl’s arms.


She looked up slowly but didn’t say anything.

He walked over to the medicine box that sat beside her sink. He opened it and placed some bandages down beside her, took out the mobile and rang for an ambulance. He called down to his colleague and advised them that he was leaving the room. He knew that if he stayed and she had an audience the cuts would be twice as deep and at a different angle.

“I’ll see you when you get back.”

He left but the smell of her blood lingered.

He stopped for a second to let a young woman into her room. This had been the sixth time this night. He knew that it wasn’t politically correct to say what had caused the young woman to do this.

In my opinion, they may be under the influence of something or another.

He smiled. This ‘opinion’ was correct. He made a mental note to check on her later.

Tolerance goes down but need never falters!

He never looked forward to his next port of call. Again his sense of smell was invaded. Cheap cider, urine and that God Dam awful beef smell hit him as he opened the door. The old boy was lying on his back. Fresh urine mingled with old stains. He wasn’t there to clean anyone but his attempts to wake the old man were in vain. The excruciating snoring reassured him that the old boy was alive for now at least. He turned him on his side and called down to his colleague again.

“In my opinion, room fourteen is under the influence of something or another and he has wet himself. I can’t wake him but he is snoring. Could you mark it down for day-shift?”

“What do you think that he has taken?”

“I haven’t a clue but the smell of cheap cider is overpowering. Also, I tripped over three empty three litre bottles but your guess is as good as mine!”

He knew that day-shift would moan. They would have expected him to clean the old boy up but he couldn’t wake him. He had genuinely tried this time so he didn’t feel guilty.

He was coming to the last of his rounds and knew what he was going into. He chapped the door and was told to go in. He opened the door and there she was, naked, crying and wanting a hug. He kept his distance.

“Do you know what he said to me?”

He did.

“He said…I was fat! Ugly! And useless in bed!!”

He leaned forward always keeping the door slightly open and covered her up.


He was pleased to see that she moved on to her side as she slipped into drunken sleep.

“Stereotypes,” he whispered.

“We can’t stereotype! But we sure as hell work with them.”

Hugh Cron

13 thoughts on “Rounds by Hugh Cron Adult Content

  1. Hi Hugh, I detected the numbness creep over the character as this story progressed. I appreciate it takes courage and compassion to work with people who are so mentally deranged, yes they need help -drugs and alcohol should not be part of the solution- I felt the character was becoming one of them. Good story with a difficult subject. James.


    • I am hoping that within that industry, only amongst those who do a similar job can they show their lack of compassion. I suppose that is a coping mechanism. But, the clients and families should never see that side of them. I have been of the opinion that if you work with ten people and you like five and hate five, neither of them should ever know.
      I am always happy to read your comments. I respect your opinions and if you praise my stories, it makes my day.
      All the very best my friend.


  2. You write these stories so well, my friend. You never shy away from highlighting what rarely gets highlighted. Well done.
    ATVB my friend


    • You are too kind! I have to admit, me and the word ‘perfect’ are not seldom seen together!
      Thank you for your continual support and even more importantly, your infectious enthusiasm!
      All the very best.


  3. Another cracking story. Reminiscent of Jim Thompson’s THE ALCOHOLICS but distilled (pun intended) into 683 words. I’ve a friend who used to work a similar job and he hated how the constant exposure would almost numb him when it came to empathy. You captured this beautifully.


    • Hi David, what your friend experienced was what I was wanting to question.
      Thanks so much for your positive comments.
      All the very best my friend.


    • Thanks Des, the question between being blasé about the job and being able to do it to the best of your abilities was what I was going for. I can’t thank you enough for your support of the site!
      All the very best my friend.


  4. Hi Ossie, yes I am a man. I know this as my tie wobbles when I swallow. The account is under my wife’s name and it is a childish bet that stops me from having my own account. I was wondering why you said ‘But that should not be’?


  5. Thanks to Leila for rerunning this story, which was first posted in the dark days before I discovered LS! I agree with the comments previously made and would add that the unembossed, matter-of-fact style of writing worked well and allowed the power of the piece to speak for itself.


    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks so much for your kind comments.
      I am glad you found one of mine that you haven’t read and enjoyed it.
      The story is over four years old and I don’t think there is any difference with the issues, outcomes or thinking from all sides. I’m not sure what that says about our society or where we are heading.
      All the very best my friend.


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