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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year


When Adam West first came up with the idea for the site and drew together our little band we thought it would be fun.  All five editors are passionate about Short Fiction, the reading and writing of it.  I don’t think any of us realised just how much fun it would be – and how much work.  We have spent many, many hours putting together a site that we are now very proud of.

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Literally Stories – Week 5


Week 5 saw Literally Stories publish five Christmas themed stories. We started off with a beautiful, but different take on the nativity, Mary, Joseph and the Baby.  Tuesday was kind of a daze, a funny Christmas Daze that is. Wednesday saw us publish the wonderful story  The Lady in the Bauble which revisited a well known tale but gave it a very personal slant. . Thursday’s story was Season’s Greeting, where we witnessed a consultant losing hope of finding the Christmas Spirit. Finally the Friday story, Reminiscing, although not strictly  a Christmas theme it was all about family and how the current generation will be viewed in the future.

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Season’s Greetings by Tobias Haglund


Simon sat at his desk. His boss Michael walked in.

”It’s approaching the holidays.”

”You mean Christmas?”

“No, we can’t say that.”

“Because we don’t want to offend other religions?”

“We don’t want to offend large groups of consumers, yes.”

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The Lady in the Bauble by James McEwan.


It’s bedtime now. Santa will only come after you have gone to sleep.

‘Oh Grandpa, tell us a story.’

Only if you both stay still, no jumping around. Come on now, settle under the blankets and listen. Let me tell you about Grandma’s Christmas bauble.

It was a dark wintry night and we were huddled together reaching towards the small fire, stretching our hands into the warmth. No one spoke because they were afraid, so afraid that if they slept they might not wake in the morning.

‘We’ll wake, won’t we Grandpa?’

Shussh, let me tell the story.

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Christmas Daze by Alexander Wardrope – Adult Content

“Hi, Jo-Jos…er… sorry, Cas. Where are ye gaun?”

Cas glared at his cousin Mel and held back a snarl. Oh, how he hated his name Joe, Joe- fucking- King what a load of shite. His mum and dad must be a right pair of cretins to land him with that.

“I’m gaun tae visit oor Auntie Mary,” he finally replied, “gie her and Uncle Josie a wee Christmas prezzie for the new wean. Y’comin?”

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Mary, Joseph and the Baby by Diane Dickson



“Me toes are freezing.”

“Come ‘ere, give ‘em ‘ere an’ I’ll put ‘em under me coat.”

“Oh nice, that’s nice.  Are you cold Joe?”

“Mmm a bit, just a bit, snuggle up and we’ll warm each other won’t we.”

“Lovely.  This place in’t bad is it.  I know it’s a bit wet in the kitchen and it dun’t have electric like the last squat but it’s not bad ‘ere.”

“No, an’ it feels safer I fink.”

“Yeah.  Eh, what’s that noise?”

“Dunno, I’ll go look you stay ‘ere, stop under the blanket and keep warm.”…

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Literally Stories – Week 4


Week 4 started at the bottom of a rollercoaster, always a great place to start because the only way is up. The early uphill climb of Any Crow In A Storm and Dracul’s Lair was followed by Pynchon McCool: an introduction in twelve chapters. Pynchon was unlike anything else we’ve published, the clever format condensed a novel into a short story. To continue the metaphor; it was a rollercoaster within a rollercoaster.

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Agoraphobia by Diane M Dickson


I thought I’d take an umbrella. I peered out of the window and drew back the curtain.  It was dark and cloudy.  I didn’t think – snow – but perhaps rain, sleet, maybe.  So, yes I decided, an umbrella. That was back then, when I was brave, when I thought I could do it today. That was when I operated on a “normal” level, sane.

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